My love for classical music has grown as I understand more now the times and styles and detours of styles these great composers took. I have found these lectures easy to understand and digest into my appreciation and education of classical music.

—Kathy J


  As we get close to the end of the semester, and I review my gigantic stack of notes, and think about everything I know now that I didn't know when we started, I wanted to thank you, Bill Neely, for sharing your knowledge with us. This has been a super-duper class, and I find myself a little sad to find it drawing to a close. I've always enjoyed classical music rather passively; I now feel that I can be an active participant, with a deeper understanding of the musical concepts, the composers themselves, and their historical context. Very cool! 

—Sandra L


I wanted to thank you for this wonderful class. I have a doctorate degree, and this has been one of the most thorough and informative classed I have ever taken. It has deepened my understanding and enjoyment of the music I have been listening to for the past 35 years. It has also allowed me to have intelligent conversations with my son who is an accomplished trumpet player, currently in the Brown University Orchestra ...I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the depth and clarity of presentation of this class. Do you offer any other online classes? I have recommended it to many of my friends...

—Loretta Z  


Great lectures, this is the first online class I've taken that I felt the instructor was as dedicated to his online students as his in-person ones. Thank you,

—Stephanie M


...lectures were terrific, especially the use of the history of Rock 'n' Roll to begin a very clear and concise exploration of the basics of music ...Thanks very much for teaching such an excellent course. Sincerely,

—Daniel N


I very much enjoyed your lectures & appreciated gaining more knowledge about classical music & learning something about opera, which I'd never really explored before.

—Janice M


It's wonderful having new/different bands and styles in addition to the classical music. It really adds a lot and has helped illustrate many points for me. Thank you, Mr. Neely! 

—Emma T


This course has been so enlightening as far as explaining where classical music came from. I think people tend to fear or steer clear of what they don't really know or are familiar with. But when I learn where it came from and what the composers are trying to express with their music, it really helps deepen my appreciation for this art form. Thank you!

—Jenifer D


I have found the lectures very enlightening. 

—Katrina B


I am hearing more and more classical music on commercials, movies, award shows, etc. than I had noticed in the past. This class is really teaching me so much and opening my world! I love it! 

—Elizabeth S


I really like your lectures, very informative, interesting and filled with a lot of information... This is what I hoped for in an online course.... I also really like the selection of music you choose, it makes for a much more interesting and enjoyable experience. It's clear you've put much energy and care into making these videos!

—Wendy D


Just when I thought I couldn't be any more in love with Beethoven, these last few chapters and lectures have been truly awe inspiring enough to take my love to a whole NOTHER LEVEL! What a magnificent story and how deeply I could relate to a struggle from within! To have one of my all-time favorite symphonies truly dissected and analyzed with such vigor, and to take MY understanding of composing and bring it to new heights is absolutely a wonderful treat! 

 Bravo Professor Neely !

—Robert F 


 Thank you for your time and all your great knowledge and your help whenever we had a question about anything. I really enjoyed how passionate you are about music…

—Henry L


It's been fun having such an interactive group of classmates and professor, I think people really benefit from great and active participation. 

—Abigail W


You have a distinct tone and style about your lectures that really help me understand the information.

—Celeste S


 ...thank you to our instructor for taking the time to make all of the lectures. I have taken mostly online courses, and the one area lacking would be any form of "lectures" in most online courses. Which usually means the student ends of having to essentially "teach" themselves material and hopefully you are understanding it correctly. 

—Lisa D


Now I even love the modern and contemporary composers. Thank you so much, Professor Neely, for the wonderful experience and education you offer with this inspiring course.

—Petra N


This class was definitely a challenge,but it was one that was appreciated. I never would have taken the time to go to a classical concert, and now I know that I enjoy them. Having the knowledge of what is happening in music while you are listening to it brings it to life, I'm very pleased to be empowered with knowledge in this way.Thank you for everything Professor Neely!

—Annamarie Y


I have a greater appreciation for the music, and with no musical background a lot of new knowledge. You have formatted the class exceptionally well, and this will definitely be a class I recommend to others. Thank you for all the hard work you put into our education. 

—Andrea L